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Make pleasure an every day practice

We want to create safe spaces and products, mentally and physically, that encourage pleasure and exploration without being held back. Like a muse that leaves you no choice but to follow your imagination.

— Sexual inspiration for all —


Made in California


As one of the few USDA organic lubricant manufacturers. Our ingredients reflect the high quality standards we strive to provide for our customers. Founded in 2001, we are experts in manufacturing with a history of award-winning products, owned and private labeled.

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Approach self-awareness and self-improvement both physically and mentally as a practice, done regularly and preferably without judgement.



Discover as much of yourself and your surroundings as possible; ever tapping into the unexplored parts of your psyche, your body, your neighborhood, your city and your world.



Share your experience, your tribulations, your discoveries with as many as you can touch whether online or off.